Tuesday, June 2, 2009

this week...

...was great. After months in a city that did not appeal to me in the slightest I got to go back up to Nor Cal for a couple of weeks before my summer at the Herm begins. Aside from being so excited to spend some times with my awesome family, siblings, and friends, having someone cook REAL food for me, and getting to sleep in - my awesome mother and grandma surprised me with some amazing finds! The first I found buried deep in my mom's linen closest while looking for a sewing pattern...This great, sheer blue scarf with pink embroidery and this great trim that I don't even know what to call...Anyways I am stoked on it and think it is just lovely.

The next great thing came from my Grandma and it is equally great. She found it at a books sale and for 25 cents got me the Vogue Sewing Guide and can I just say I am in love with it. Is has these great retro pictures and so much information . YEs. Love. yeS.

anyways...that is all for now...I also have a few new projects I started-finished this week that will be up soon....so until then!

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