Monday, February 15, 2010

okay just hold on a second....

haven't written since june 09...WHAaAA?

yeah okay...i'm lame. here's to writing more?


So now i live in a new place. It is called "the hitch". and i love it's creaky wood floors and precarious back deck. I do not love the scratchy animal noises that happen every week or so in my wall. can i get and eek? anyways. I also have a new job. I teach 5th and 6th grade minds about the wonder of our world. It is pretty bad ass if I do say so myself. I get to go to the creek and play in the redwoods and have you're jealous huh? speaking of new things, i also have this new boy....well he isn't technically new...and he has been mine for some time now...that's what i get for not writing since june 09....but he is also wonderful and funny and i like him quite a lot.

so that is life in sunny Santa Cruz. i promise to write really. i promise.

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